[mythtv] Testing the default and default-wide themes

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Sat Oct 1 10:35:14 UTC 2022

On 01/10/2022 02:23, Scott Theisen wrote:
> On 9/30/22 20:35, Paul Harrison wrote:
>> I meant to say it doesn't seem a good enough reason to break all 
>> themes IMHO? If it was for a feature addition or change then I can 
>> live with it but for what appears to be some code clean up I'm not so 
>> sure.
>> Paul H.
> I don't understand this comment; it doesn't seem to follow the rest.  
> Setting the subtitle of a manual recording in mythfrontend is a new 
> feature.
> Regards,
> Scott

Ah!. Sorry I didn't look at the pull request I assumed this was for the 
theme changes required because of this comment although I admit I didn't 
look too closely at what needs to change and whether it's a good enough 
reason to break stuff.


My concern is we known from the likes of the SD statistics that we are 
loosing users at a alarming rate so the last thing we need is for stuff 
to be broken like themes that can be avoided otherwise a lot of users 
will just say sod it it's broken again I don't need this anymore and 
it's another user lost. We need to make life easier for users not harder.

Paul H.

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