[mythtv] MythTV v33: minimal requirements

Gary Buhrmaster gary.buhrmaster at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 19:43:07 UTC 2022

On Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 7:03 PM Roland Ernst <rcrernst at gmail.com> wrote:

> Currently, we need to support Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04.

Technically, according to the wiki, only current
and LTS at the time of release is actually targeted

   Platform support: Myth targets distro support for maintained
releases at the following revisions:
      Debian "stable"
      Fedora "current" and "current-1"
      Ubuntu "current" and "LTS"

> The 22.04.1 release is targeted to August 4, 2022
> The support for 18.04 ends April, 2023.

Unless v33 releases soon (unlikely?), that
will mean v18.04 will have EoL'ed before v33.

> I do not know details about EL7 / CentOS 7 support.
> Reducing test scenarios would be a great help, at least for me.

Again, technically no EL is targeted.  However,
in particular, EL7 is no longer supported for v32
(or above) so is a non-issue.  I think technically,
now that EL9 is released(*), EL8 probably no
longer needs to be tested (there are a couple
of packages that are still outstanding to make
EL9 actually fully usable, but there are open
bugzillas and 3rd party COPRs that fill in the
gap(s) until the software that is needed gets
officially built).

That all said, having a builder network to
identify issues on alternative platforms is
a good thing, even if not technically

Perhaps what "we" (i.e. you?) need to do
is create additional test(s) that the builders
can perform (as part of their "make tests")
to reduce your personal workload?  Those
tests are sometimes useful to identify
code (or distro (can you spell regex?))

(*) Somewhere on my todo list is to
update the ansible scripts for el9.  It
is not currently near the top.

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