[mythtv] Please explain the usage (valid arguments) of the mythfilldatabase "--sourceid" option

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Tue Apr 15 11:56:15 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 15 Apr 2014 06:39:26 Fox wrote:
> On Apr 14, 2014, 12:10 PM, dekarl wrote:
> > On 14.04.2014 19:48, Fox wrote:
> > > I did run the command
> > > $ mysql -u root mythconverg
> > > as suggested on the wiki page, and it revealed two sourceid's (1 and 2)
> > > so maybe my question should be, how do I put both of those into the
> > > "--sourceid" argument? Would a syntax such as "--sourceid 1,2" or even
> > > "--sourceid all" be valid?> 
> > Try one run with --sourceid 1, and then second run with --sourceid 2.
> Thank you, that does work.  I would still like to know whether there is any
> way to specify multiple sources in --sourceid, or if you actually need to
> run mythfilldatabase once per source.

If you specify no arguments to mythfilldatabase then it will run once grabbing 
data for each source in turn.

FWIW, it's not necessary to run it manually as you are currently doing unless 
you have a good reason. 'Out of the box' it will run automatically once a day 
with no additional arguments or configuration required.

Stuart Morgan

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