[mythtv] Please explain the usage (valid arguments) of the mythfilldatabase "--sourceid" option

Fox fox.mythtv at monemail.fr.nf
Tue Apr 15 10:39:26 UTC 2014

On Apr 14, 2014, 12:10 PM, dekarl wrote:

> On 14.04.2014 19:48, Fox wrote:
> > I did run the command
> > $ mysql -u root mythconverg
> > as suggested on the wiki page, and it revealed two sourceid's (1 and 2) so maybe my question should be, how do I put both of those into the "--sourceid" argument? Would a syntax such as "--sourceid 1,2" or even "--sourceid all" be valid?
> Try one run with --sourceid 1, and then second run with --sourceid 2.

Thank you, that does work.  I would still like to know whether there is any way to specify multiple sources in --sourceid, or if you actually need to run mythfilldatabase once per source.

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