[mythtv] Error in win32-packager.pl?

MarcT myrdhn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 10:41:44 UTC 2009


Several issues with default:
Plugins being put into the wrong folder in the build folder. Have to
manually copy them from bin\mythtv\plugins to lib\mythtv\plugins.
MythVideo being called mythvideo.dll, have to manually rename to
Running Terra, default theme on new installs, does not let you do a bunch of
stuff. Namely getting into the settings to change the theme, changing the
recording group in watch recordings. Basically, you cannot go more than 2
menus down from main without running into issues when using Terra. Any other
theme works fine, including Graphite.

Issue added by me:
I added the "themes" folder to the script in order to include Graphite. I
did this by copying the oldthemes sections and removed the "old".
While this does include the themes from the themes folder on trunk, it puts
them into their own folders twice in themes\. For example:
I don't know enough about this to find out why it is doing this. However, I
believe the issue will be moot once the theme cleanup is completed.

Here is the majority of the code I added.

my @components = ( 'mythtv', 'oldthemes', 'themes', 'mythplugins',
'packaging' );


cd '.$unixmythtv.'themes
make clean
rm Makefile


if ( grep m/themes/, @components ) {
# -------------------------------
# Make themes
# -------------------------------
push @{$expect},
## config:
[ file    => $mythtv.'themes/Makefile',
  shell   => ['source '.$unixmythtv.'qt'.$qtver.'_env.sh',
            'cd '.$unixmythtv.'themes','./configure --prefix='.$unixbuild],
  comment => 'do we already have a Makefile for themes?' ],

## fix themes.pro
[ grep    => ['^win32:QMAKE_INSTALL_DIR', $mythtv.'themes/themes.pro'], 
  shell   => ['echo \'win32:QMAKE_INSTALL_DIR = sh ./cpsvndir\' >> '.
  comment => 'fix themes.pro' ],
[ grep    => ['win32:DEPENDS', $mythtv.'themes/themes.pro'], 
  shell   => ['echo \'win32:DEPENDS += ./\' >> '.
  comment => 'fix themes.pro' ],

#hack mythconfig.mak to remove /usr
[ grep    => ['LIBDIR=/lib', $mythtv.'themes/mythconfig.mak'], 
  shell   => ['cd '.$unixmythtv.'themes',
             'sed -e \'s|/usr||\' mythconfig.mak > mythconfig2.mak',
             'cp mythconfig2.mak mythconfig.mak', 'nocheck'], 
  comment => 'hack mythconfig.mak'],

## make
[ dir     => [$mythtv.'/build/share/mythtv/themes/Graphite'], 
  shell   => ['source '.$unixmythtv.'qt'.$qtver.'_env.sh',
              'cd '.$unixmythtv.'themes','make', 'make install'], 
  comment => 'THEMES! redo make if we need to '.
             '(see the  last_build.txt identifier)' ],
# Move ttf fonts to font directory
[ always  => [],
  shell   => ['source '.$unixmythtv.'qt'.$qtver.'_env.sh',
            'cd '.$unixmythtv.'themes',
            'find '.$unixmythtv.'build/share/mythtv/themes/ -name "*.ttf"'.
            ' | xargs -n1 -i__ cp __ '.$unixmythtv.'build/share/mythtv'],
  comment => 'move ttf files'],


-u all|mythtv|mythplugins|oldthemes|themes


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