[mythtv] Error in win32-packager.pl?

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Mon Sep 14 11:29:12 UTC 2009

On 14-9-2009 12:41, MarcT wrote:
> Several issues with default:
> Plugins being put into the wrong folder in the build folder. Have to
> manually copy them from bin\mythtv\plugins to lib\mythtv\plugins.
> MythVideo being called mythvideo.dll, have to manually rename to
> libmythvideo.dll

I am aware of them, but I need to raise them as ticket as well, so 
perhaps you can do so as well.

> Running Terra, default theme on new installs, does not let you do a bunch of
> stuff. Namely getting into the settings to change the theme, changing the
> recording group in watch recordings. Basically, you cannot go more than 2
> menus down from main without running into issues when using Terra. Any other
> theme works fine, including Graphite.

I noticed something like that as well, I used G.A.N.T before the change 
and most of the setup then worked out of the box for me. I am not sure 
why the change to Terra was made, as I am not sure if the issues we are 
seeing are general annoyances or windows only.

> Issue added by me:
> I added the "themes" folder to the script in order to include Graphite. I
> did this by copying the oldthemes sections and removed the "old".
> While this does include the themes from the themes folder on trunk, it puts
> them into their own folders twice in themes\. For example:
> themes\Graphite\Graphite
> I don't know enough about this to find out why it is doing this. However, I
> believe the issue will be moot once the theme cleanup is completed.
> Here is the majority of the code I added.

Can you create a patch, that makes it easier to apply/read?

Kind regards,


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