[mythtv] Error in win32-packager.pl?

treblid treblid at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 06:01:40 UTC 2009

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 1:31 PM, Jonathan Martens <jonathan at snetram.nl> wrote:
> On 14-9-2009 6:28, treblid wrote:
>> Still can't get mythmusic to work (ran the script but the plugin is
>> still not built)...
> It might help if you would paste the error you are receiving to see what
> more needs to be fixed.
I'd see what I can do.. (will try to pipe the whole output from the
perl file into a file and hope that works).... Will get back to you

> And once again, please post on the list, not to me in personal, to keep
> everyone in the loop. Finding this out and fixing it is important to them
> too.
Apologies... Made the same mistake twice... Honest mistake, really.. :p


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