[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r22845 - in trunk/mythtv by danielk

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Thu Nov 19 16:06:46 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 00:07 -0500, f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:
> > Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 02:52:55 +0000 (UTC)
>     > From: mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org
>     > Removes PVR-350 output support.
> Why?

It hasn't been maintained in years and it complicates the
NuppelVideoPlayer code. These still fetch a good enough
price on ebay that you can sell yours and buy a new capture
card and video card that MythTV 0.23 will support.

-- Daniel 

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