[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #7493: VDPAU playback fails 30% of time

jmk jmk at foofus.net
Thu Nov 19 16:53:31 UTC 2009

It looks like I'm encountering this same issue. VDPAU playback appears
to always initially work after restarting mythfrontend. It's hit or miss
when it'll start failing, but restarting the frontend is the only method
I've found to get it back into a working state.

These are the types of messages I see:

2009-11-18 22:08:18.206 VDPAU: Failed to create video mixer.
2009-11-18 22:08:18.207 Video timing method: USleep with busy wait
2009-11-18 22:08:18.226 VDPAU Error: Picture format has changed.
2009-11-18 22:08:18.242 VidOutVDPAU Error: IsErrored() is true in
2009-11-18 22:08:18.255 VidOutVDPAU Error: IsErrored() is true in Show()
2009-11-18 22:08:18.255 VidOutVDPAU Error: IsErrored() in ProcessFrame()
2009-11-18 22:08:18.255 NVP(6), Error: AVSync: Unknown error in
videoOutput, aborting playback.
2009-11-18 22:08:18.311 NVP(6), Error: Failed to initialize A/V Sync
2009-11-18 22:08:18.466 TV: Serious hardware decoder error detected.
Disabling hardware decoders.

Here's some info on my setup:

* Tested nVidia 185.18.36 and 190.42

* Tested OpenGL vsync, both enabled and disabled. Are you referring to
the compile-time option or the option within Setup? It looks like it was
enabled during my build. My tests were simply flipping it on/off within
the playback settings.

* composite is disabled

* vdpaubuffersize=6 - this resulted in displaying only a few frames of
video and then it exited. It displayed an error along the lines of too
many buffer errors.

* This is release-0-22-fixes (r22778) with Mythbuntu theme and OpenGL

* The system is an AMD X2 5600+ w/ 1G RAM and an nVidia 9500 GT 512 MB

* Mythfrontend and mythbackend are only significant apps running. Evilwm
is the window manager.

Any other suggestions on things to try or is there any additional
information I could gather to help figure out the issue?

Does the CoreAVC patch still work with 0.22? I previously ran this with
a modified 0.21 and the machine played HD-PVR files fine. I'm wondering
if I applied it to 0.22, if playback would still work even when VDPAU
fails. As it currently stands, playback stutters significantly when the
above problem is encountered.


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