[mythtv] 2 win32 port questions - mythgallery and bitstream

treblid treblid at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 02:36:12 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I'm new to this so hopefully you guys can bear with me. I'm using Win7
(64bit) + MythTV as my main frontend now.

Noticed two problems recently:

1) MythGallery is built now but cannot be started. The follow error
pops up in the logs:

2009-11-08 10:18:53.900 MythPlugin::init() dlerror: The specified
module could not be found.
2009-11-08 10:18:53.902 Unable to initialize plugin 'mythgallery'.
2009-11-08 10:18:53.903 Unable to run plugin 'mythgallery': not initialized

Had a similar problem when trying to get mythmusic to start. The DLL
is there, so why did it say the module could not be found?

2) I'm in Australia, and some recorded TV programs (One HD and 9 HD in
Perth) now play static when I enable the two DTS and Dolby checkboxes
in the "General" configuration. This was working before but broken
recently. If I uncheck those boxes the audio came out from the wrong
speakers (I understand this will be fixed in the next ffmpeg resync?)
Anybody experiencing the same issue? I can provide some sample files
if required. Tried some DVD ISOs and they bitstream just fine.
Unfortunately don't have a linux machine with digital output to test
so unsure if this is a Win32 only problem or not. :(

The audio card I'm using is Asus Xonar Slim (tried both Windows and
DirectX audio out with the same results). Also tried setting
resampling to disabled and no luck.

Thanks for any advice. Much appreciated.


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