[mythtv] 2 win32 port questions - mythgallery and bitstream

Jeff Lu jll544 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 22:20:10 UTC 2009

>I'm new to this so hopefully you guys can bear with me. I'm using Win7

>(64bit) + MythTV as my main frontend now.

Please include MythTV version info when sending questions (0.22 or trunk? svn revision?)

>2009-11-08 10:18:53.900 MythPlugin::init() dlerror: The specified
>module could not be found.
>The DLL is there, so why did it say the module could not be found?

This message usually refers to missing dependencies, not the plugin DLL itself.  Make sure you have all prerequisite library DLLs in your runtime folder.

>2) I'm in Australia, and some recorded TV programs (One HD and 9 HD in
>Perth) now play static when I enable the two DTS and Dolby checkboxes

If you are running trunk, try the patch attached to Trac #7555:



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