[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #6711: Update win32-packager.pl to use Qt4 binary dist

Jeff Lu jll544 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 11 15:43:38 UTC 2009

> 1) why'd you remove the bit that downloads/extracts the
> pthreads dlls? 

The TDM-gcc package already includes pthreads, so there is no need to download the dlls separately.

> 2) you've removed 3 of the 5 source patches required in
> QT4, but left-in another two.... how are they being used if
> the QT is now coming direct from binaries?
> I'm confused what the reasoning is here? 

The 2 remaining patches (option.cpp, qmake.conf) are required for building/using a modified qmake.exe, which is automatically rebuilt from source when the script calls Qt's configure.exe in preparation for building the MySQL driver.

The other 3 patches are outdated and unnecessary for Qt 4.5.1, even if you want to rebuild the entire framework from source.

> 3) you're still using the QT sources to build the sql
> drivers... where are they downloaded from ( are they inside
> the binary distribution package)?

Yes, the Qt-mingw library distribution includes binaries and full source.  

> 4) there is a 'sleep 5' that was in there
> deliberately, because windows FAT filesystems have an inode
> timestamp accuracy of 2 seconds, and without the 'sleep
> 5', the incorrect logic can be triggered in some unusual
> circumstances, I think it's safer to put it back in.

In the original script, the 'sleep 5' was placed after the 'touch -r', so how could it have any affect on the timestamp?  Besides, does anyone actually use FAT for their system partition these days?  I don't think that's even possible with Vista.

I replaced the 'cat, touch, sleep' sequence because in my experience, it has been very unreliable (on NTFS anyway).  MSYS's 'touch -r' is buggy and often leaves the two files' timestamps differing by 1 second.  The script often halted at that step because the filesame comparison failed.  In my testing, MSYS's 'cp -p' copies the timestamp exactly, so that's what I put in the patch.

> Otherwise the patch looks great!  ( not having tried it though) 

Thanks.  I have run the script from scratch (no existing mingw, msys, mythtv directories, etc.), so rest assured the changes are tested.



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