[mythtv] Followup question on #6138 (HDHomeRun multirec)

Dan Wilga mythtv-dev2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Wed Feb 11 14:34:00 UTC 2009

At 10:06 AM -0600 2/10/09, Bill Cizek wrote:
>Yeechang / Chris / Joel,
>What luck have you had with the HDHomerun multirec patch?
>Good / Bad / Whatever, I'm just curious to know if it actually works 
>for someone besides me.

While I'm not one of the folks you asked :-), let me tell you my 
experience, anyway. It seems to work perfectly. Live TV even realizes 
that when both tuners are occupied recording something that is 
scheduled on two different multiplexes, that the only channels that 
can be tuned are those that are on the same multiplex as what's being 
recorded. Very cool.

On the minus side, I had to do a lot of modification to get 133 to 
work with 0.21-fixes. That's primarily because this version of the 
patch assumes that the upgraded libhdhomerun code is present, which 
it isn't in 0.21-fixes. So, I had to:

- Make minor changes to get the patch to apply to the revision I was 
using (19873)
- Move libs/libmythtv/hdhomerun out of the way
- Check out the libmythhdhomerun directory from trunk, and rename it 
to hdhomerun
- Remove the libmythhdhomerun.pro, just in case
- Alter libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.pro:

--- libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.pro        (revision 19873)
+++ libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.pro        (working copy)
@@ -462,9 +462,17 @@
          HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_pkt.h   hdhomerun/hdhomerun_discover.h
          HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_video.h hdhomerun/hdhomerun_control.h
          HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_os.h
+        HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_device.h
+        HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_channelscan.h
+        HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_channels.h
+        HEADERS += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_debug.h

          SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_pkt.c   hdhomerun/hdhomerun_discover.c
          SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_video.c hdhomerun/hdhomerun_control.c
+        SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_device.c
+        SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_channelscan.c
+        SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_channels.c
+        SOURCES += hdhomerun/hdhomerun_debug.c

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