[mythtv] Category vs Genre

Hadley Rich hads at nice.net.nz
Sun Feb 8 02:40:04 UTC 2009

On Sunday 08 February 2009 15:32:33 Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Python or Perl makes no difference to me--if you feel there's a reason
> to make a new Python implementation of the TMDb grabber, fine--but I
> won't ever use "all your contribution are belong to us" IMDb, even with
> the hard-to-use approach that doesn't break their TOS.  Personally, I'd
> be much more excited to help*** if you were working on a script "with a
> future."

Speaking of a python module for TMDB I've just uploaded some stuff I hacked 
together for updating my mythvideo metadata. Basically it's something similar 
to the find_meta.py script in SVN but using themoviedb.org and thetvdb.com 

It's far from complete - I haven't done much work on it but I thought it may 
be of interest to some to play with or use for whatever;


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