[mythtv] Category vs Genre

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 02:45:11 UTC 2009

> Python or Perl makes no difference to me--if you feel there's a reason to
> make a new Python implementation of the TMDb grabber, fine--but I won't ever
> use "all your contribution are belong to us" IMDb, even with the hard-to-use
> approach that doesn't break their TOS.  Personally, I'd be much more excited
> to help*** if you were working on a script "with a future."
> Just a point to consider before digging too deep into the IMDb stuff.
> Mike
> ***Helping, in my case, would involve a lot of digging around to get
> information--so I'm not just holding out on you refusing to provide info I
> already have.
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Indeed, with the removal of IMDB from trunk, and the addition of TMDB,
development should focus on that.  If you are handy with python or
perl, I suggest looking into the tmdb.pl script and seeing the ways
that could be improved.  I also really want to see a parallel grabber
for TheTVDB.com.  I am hoping to see #6159 (addition of
screenshot/banner/fanart) as image types to mythvideo soon, and
TheTVDB has an open API for accessing/downloading all this information
for television.  Add to that Anduin's work towards generalizing
metadata download, and you have a recipe for having multiple grabbers
and lots of rich, user-friendly metadata.  IMO the TheTVDB grabber
should use all the identical command line switches for TMDB and add
appropriate switches for banner and screenshot (although ultimately
the screenshot may/probably will be automatically generated, but it's
nice to have options)

Just my two cents on where effort should be directed for mythvideo
scripts at the moment.

Hads, I haven't seen your work yet- can you specify TMDB versus
TheTVDB with command line switches?  Do you have support for the
metadata mentioned above yet?  If so, COOL!


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