[mythtv] MythTV & R5000-HD

Michael Norton list-mythtv-dev at nospam.mnorton.com
Mon Sep 22 05:13:59 UTC 2008

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 4:01 PM,  <Info at quantum-sci.com> wrote:
> However there are zero instructions, and the svn code is on an html page only.  All attempts of svn co, and GUI-based svn clients,  fail.  Not about to screen-scrape the code.

Scroll down to the bottom of the html page. Where there is a link to
download the patch, click the link to download the patch.

> Does this code work reliably for HD?  Is anyone using the R5000 in *nix?  My attempts to contact the code author have failed.

I have attempted to use it, but haven't gotten it working yet. I've
gotten really close, I can capture a stream with the test app but it
isn't playable. Unfortunately I have had very little time to spend
troubleshooting it so I cannot say if it's just a simple problem or
something major.

I have made contact with the author of the R5000 code; my
understanding is that it will be a while before he's able to devote
any time to the R5000 stuff, which is understandable. Personally I'm
in no hurry to have it working. No offense, but questions like how to
download a patch aren't really things one should be bugging developers
with anyway.

The code is very much still in development. If you're expecting it to
just work, and instructions on how to get it such, you may want to
reconsider. On the other hand, if you're comfortable with downloading
and applying patches, editing as required, and recompiling, then have
fun. I don't think there is code written for all the receivers' IR
yet, so you might have to do that depending on your receiver. Also
don't forget about the usb patch for your kernel modules -- depending
on your distro it may not apply directly; I had to just make the edit


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