[mythtv] MythTV & R5000-HD

Info at quantum-sci.com Info at quantum-sci.com
Sun Sep 21 22:01:35 UTC 2008

I have my R5000 installed and ready to go, but I seem to be too stupid to install the patches.  myth-users couldn't help.

Going here:
... it describes the new Myth support for the R5000, and there is various svn software to download and patch.  However there are zero instructions, and the svn code is on an html page only.  All attempts of svn co, and GUI-based svn clients,  fail.  Not about to screen-scrape the code.

Am I missing something?

Also, how to apply the patches?  In the sourcecode directory, or just above it, etc?

Does this code work reliably for HD?  Is anyone using the R5000 in *nix?  My attempts to contact the code author have failed.

Running Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid alpha5 on a just-released Asus G45 mobo.

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