[mythtv] SuSe 11.0 MythTV Trunk stability with HDPVR

Kevin Wambsganz wambs at verizon.net
Sat Sep 20 20:12:34 UTC 2008



I have a stock SuSE 11.0 system with    Linux server #1
SMP 2008-07-13 

gcc version 4.3.1 20080507 (prerelease) [gcc-4_3-branch revision 135036]
(SUSE Linux)


This is my master backend, I have an HD-PVR connected to it, that's why I'm
running trunk.


I have two problems, one with the HD-PVR driver and another with the
backend. They might be related but I'm not sure.


I compiled the HDPVR and installed it successfully.  I have tried to "cat
/dev/video1 > test.ts" and it works for a while, then stops recording on its
own for some reason. There is no error output from messages or dmesg.  It
just stops recording.  I thought maybe I had a bad HD-PVR, but this happens
on both. I have two HD-PVRs c2 version.


Also, I installed the HDPVR windows software and it works fine. I did
several 1 hr test recordings.


So, why did the HD-PVR stop recording? Is there any debugging I can turn on
to help diagnose the problem?


For my second problem, I compile MythTV with the following options, 


./configure --enable-dvb --enable-xvmc --enable-xvmc-pro --enable-proc-opt
--enable-libfaac --enable-libfaad

 qmake mythtv.pro

 make -j 2


 I have monit monitor my backend, and it tries to access port 6544, gets no
reply and restart the backend.


I have traced the problem to probably the bold line. It seems that when a
show on the PVR is about to be scheduled, its causes the backend to act up.
I have seen this on many of my backend failure logs. Note, that usually the
HD-PVR was previously recording, and may have stop on its own. Within 30
seconds of the bold log, monit restarts the backend server.


Any idea whats going on with this? Is this related to the HD-PVR above?  Any
idea what next step I should take in debugging this?


008-09-20 13:04:43.340 AutoExpire: Adding Programs to 'Do Not Expire' List

2008-09-20 13:04:43.341     3219 @ 2008-09-20T11:00:00 in use by recorder on

2008-09-20 13:04:43.342 AutoExpire: ExpireLiveTV(10000)

2008-09-20 13:04:43.343 AutoExpire: FillDBOrdered: Adding Short LiveTV
programs in starttime order

2008-09-20 13:04:43.344 AutoExpire: SendDeleteMessages. Nothing to expire.

QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range

2008-09-20 13:04:43.481 HTTPRequest::SendResponse(xml/html) () :200 OK -> 2

2008-09-20 13:05:02.329 TVRec(1): StartRecording(A Shot at Glory)

2008-09-20 13:05:13.489 MythSocket(82b46a0:20): UpRef: 2

2008-09-20 13:05:13.491 write -> 20 35      QUERY_REMOTEENCODER

2008-09-20 13:05:13.492 read  <- 20 1       0

2008-09-20 13:05:13.493 MythSocket(82b46a0:20): DownRef: 1

2008-09-20 13:05:13.493 MythSocket(82b46a0:20): UpRef: 2



Thanks for your help!!






Monit output below:


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