[mythtv] channel change benchmarks and procedure list ? Was: how would one speed up the channel changing in mythtv ?

Dean Harding dean.harding at dload.com.au
Tue Oct 21 22:37:04 UTC 2008

> Well I guess I didn't mean slow, I meant you can see widget flicker
> like there's no double buffering for widget drawing. I find the UI
> clunky though -- like you can feel the gears turning in the
> background. Hence I'm not surprised that channel changes take a long
> time given this clunky feel. My point was is that it's no XBMC in the
> frontend department.

Well, I guess there's something different about your setup to mine (and
presumably most others), because my 0.21 is just as fast as 0.20 was...

By the way, can we change "CC" to "channel change" in the subject? "CC" to
me means "closed captions" which is a topic I'm actually interested in,
whereas "channel change" is not so interesting for me...


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