[mythtv] Error running win32-packager.pl

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 05:36:30 UTC 2008

>> Also out of curiosity: why is the manual enter-button-pushing needed? It
>> seems to me that is rather useless and inconsistent if it's only done
>> every X step. Yes, I was slightly annoyed to come back after "waiting a
>> few hours (wiki)" to find it needed me to push a button.

It's not needed at all, and is only there because during development,
it's handly to have the script pause for us directly after a recently
added feature (to allow confirmation that it works, etc)   It will be
removed or revised shortly.

> I wondered about that as well, I am also wondering what is the proper
> place to put remarks in the buildscript, would that be this mailinglist
> or the trac environment.

"Remarks" about the build script are best treated the same as the rest
of mythtv: Feature requests to /dev/null or the wiki unless
accompanied by a patch implementing same (in which case to -dev list
or trac is good), bugs/faults/errors to trac.

Other than the Freetype issues (which I'll look into), How are the two
of you going with building/running mythtv on win32?      All positive
feedback is appreciated. :-)


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