[mythtv] Error running win32-packager.pl

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Thu Jul 17 13:40:03 UTC 2008

Rob van Geloven wrote:
> Also out of curiosity: why is the manual enter-button-pushing needed? It
> seems to me that is rather useless and inconsistent if it's only done
> every X step. Yes, I was slightly annoyed to come back after "waiting a
> few hours (wiki)" to find it needed me to push a button.

I wondered about that as well, I am also wondering what is the proper 
place to put remarks in the buildscript, would that be this mailinglist 
or the trac environment.


NB. Rob, please do not top post, it makes reading and quoting harder. 
The common policy in this mailinglist (as in many others) is to 
bottompost. TIA!

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