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hendrixski at storsint.com hendrixski at storsint.com
Mon Feb 4 23:04:00 UTC 2008

> Sounds encouraging:-) Thanks, I will consider it!
>  But please explain: What is the reason for trunk if it can't get
> unstable occationally? Or are all extensions added without any bugs?

Well, the main development branch of a project (aka "trunk") shouldn't
ever get too unstable. in theory that's what branches are for.  If you
have an idea that would take a while before it becomes stable you create a
branch, commit your buggy changes to that branch, keep it current with
"vendor drops" where you merge the latest changes from trunk into your
branch, and once it's no longer buggy you merge your changes back into the
main branch.   This way you don't break the main build which is a
hellworthy trespass; it's in the Bible somewhere.

And God said unto Moses "Thou shalt not boink the build, get your own
branch Moe!"  -Exodus 01:11:00:01

 - Hendrixski

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