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Peter Schachte schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Feb 4 23:50:55 UTC 2008

Bert Haverkamp wrote:
> 2008/2/4, Steve Daniels <steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com>:
>> Go on, take the plunge and go trunk, I double dare you ;-)
> How often will my wife hate me for upgrading a trunk version of mythtv???

You're asking the right question.  Caution is advisable where domestic 
tranquillity is at stake.

>>> How easy is it to put 0.20 and 0.21 side by side on one machine?

How much disk space do you have?  If you can set aside 50 or 100 Gig for a 
separate partition, it's not hard.  Just create a good size empty partition, 
install linux and Myth trunk on it (just put everything in the one partition 
to keep it simple), give it a separate grub entry, and don't mount any of 
your production partitions from it.  Of course, you can't watch any of your 
already-recorded programs on your trunk install, or watch programs recorded 
while trunk was running on your production install.  But keeping the two 
worlds entirely separate is the safest thing.

The hardest part of this for me is to find a long enough stretch of time when 
I'm home and awake and nothing is scheduled to be recorded that I can 
actually *use* the testing partition.  Having a separate machine would 
definitely be more flexible, if you've got spare hardware.

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