[mythtv] mythui

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Mon Feb 4 11:09:55 UTC 2008

On Monday 04 February 2008 10:44:17 Bert Haverkamp wrote:
> Am I right that <button> is not in 0.20? If so, there goes my idea to
> create the plugin against the stable mythtv version first. Do you know
> if  0.21 is still on track for february/march? Is there an alternative
> way to specify buttons in 0.20?

<button> is not in 0.20, 0.21 is still on track as far as we know. There is no 
alternative way to specify buttons in 0.20 using libmythui. You might fake 
the effect with a statetype, but it's more work. Trunk is pretty stable, if 
your only concern is instability running the development version.

> Secondly, with the new format, could you guide me  throught the options?
> -How do I for instance specify an effect or image for the pushed state?

You can't currently, there isn't a pushed state. I'm trying to decide whether 
we need a pushed state, I think we probably do but it may have been omitted 
from the original design for a reason.

> -What are the "arrow" and "check" options for?

They are entirely optional, they just give some flexibility in the ways the 
button can be used. e.g. It can replace checkboxes wherever they are used in 
the code.

The arrow is mostly there so that the buttonlists (comprised of buttons) can 
replace some or all of the existing tree/listbutton widgets.
Stuart Morgan

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