[mythtv] is there any chance to include these changes ?

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Fri Sep 14 13:03:13 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-14 at 08:09 +0200, marek wrote:
> hi
> > If you're using a 16:9 TV you need to set the display dimension to 16:9
> > in your xorg.conf. There is a bug when Xinerama is enabled and you only
> > have one screen, but Issac has a patch for this which I assume he'll be
> > applying soon. i.e. I don't think you actually need this hack.
> >   
> thx, i will check this, xinerama isn't needed for me.
> but You think abt. "DisplaySize" or "Modeline" or sth. ?
DisplaySize is the key. Normally this is queried from the display,
but some displays don't return this info.

> if answer =="Modeline" so there can be problem with xorg radeon drivers 
> (I use VGA-SCART connection, tv is analog) - not every modeline works - 
> sometimes i must check hsync/vsync with oscilloscope - but why not to try...
You don't need to mess with the modeline. Since this is an analog TV,
I think this explains why the driver can't query the display size.

> > The VideoDevice class in libs/libmythtv/videosource.cpp has a driver
> > parameter, currently we set this to "ivtv", but we should probably
> > treat this string as a regular expression and use "(ivtv|saa6752hs)"
> > on line 1299 instead of "ivtv".   
> understand, but i think checking mpeg capability of card is better rhan 
> name regex - what about analog cx88-ivtv (sth. like this exists - 
> currently integrated into cx88 root) wrapper or others maybe in future
Yes querying the capability would be better, but you'll need to
write the code. I suggested the regexp change because it is just
a two lines of code. But I guess it could cause a problem with

> > I'm assuming "saa6752hs" is the name of the driver as returned by
> > CardUtil::GetV4LInfo() in cardutil.cpp
> currently driver returns "saa7134" as his name
> this driver isn't new, i try to change behaviour of old 
> saa7134-empress/saa6452hs (mpeg encoder) installed on some saa7134 cards.
> my main goal is to add possibility of tuning etc from second mpeg video 
> device.so this device can partially acts as sth. like ivtv.
> maybe we can do temporary workaround - checking "ivtv" substring 
> presence in device name - i'll modify this in driver (eg. sth like 
> "saa7134-ivtv" when emulation is enabled)
I didn't realize you were hacking an existing framegrabber only driver.
Are you in contact with the DVB-V4L driver folks? I'd like the MythTV
changes to work with the eventual official Linux kernel driver.

-- Daniel

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