[mythtv] is there any chance to include these changes ?

marek mark_kiddy at wp.pl
Fri Sep 14 06:09:52 UTC 2007

> If you're using a 16:9 TV you need to set the display dimension to 16:9
> in your xorg.conf. There is a bug when Xinerama is enabled and you only
> have one screen, but Issac has a patch for this which I assume he'll be
> applying soon. i.e. I don't think you actually need this hack.
thx, i will check this, xinerama isn't needed for me.
but You think abt. "DisplaySize" or "Modeline" or sth. ?
if answer =="Modeline" so there can be problem with xorg radeon drivers 
(I use VGA-SCART connection, tv is analog) - not every modeline works - 
sometimes i must check hsync/vsync with oscilloscope - but why not to try...

> The VideoDevice class in libs/libmythtv/videosource.cpp has a driver
> parameter, currently we set this to "ivtv", but we should probably
> treat this string as a regular expression and use "(ivtv|saa6752hs)"
> on line 1299 instead of "ivtv".
understand, but i think checking mpeg capability of card is better rhan 
name regex - what about analog cx88-ivtv (sth. like this exists - 
currently integrated into cx88 root) wrapper or others maybe in future
> I'm assuming "saa6752hs" is the name of the driver as returned by
> CardUtil::GetV4LInfo() in cardutil.cpp

currently driver returns "saa7134" as his name

this driver isn't new, i try to change behaviour of old 
saa7134-empress/saa6452hs (mpeg encoder) installed on some saa7134 cards.
my main goal is to add possibility of tuning etc from second mpeg video 
device.so this device can partially acts as sth. like ivtv.
maybe we can do temporary workaround - checking "ivtv" substring 
presence in device name - i'll modify this in driver (eg. sth like 
"saa7134-ivtv" when emulation is enabled)

Marek K.

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