[mythtv] Untunable channels on multirec

Martin Long(myth) mythtv at longhome.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 14:19:18 UTC 2007

On Sun, September 9, 2007 7:55 pm, mythtv at longhome.co.uk wrote:
> I think I've found a bug on multirec. If I exit from a channel (maybe to
watch a recording), and then go back to live TV after that channel has
'closed' (ie nothing is broadcasting). It never retunes to the channel
(doesn't even display the mheg 'This channel is closed' screen), and if
I try and tune to a different channel, I get "An error occurred while
trying to display video". The only way I could get back to a tunable
channel was by
> editing the start channel in the cardinput table.
> Nothing obvious in the logs. I'll try upping the logging.

I see Daniel did a commit which may fix this. I'll see if I can build and
test it tonight (without bothering the wife).


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