[mythtv] Mythphone three-way call expansion

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Mon May 28 02:30:06 UTC 2007

Mark Luntzel wrote:
> I am looking to expand MythPhone to incorporate a three-way call. My 
> intention is to have the three clients open up separate SIP connections 
> to each other. I've attempted to modify main.cpp, sipfsm.cpp, and 
> phoneui.cpp . I was able to modify the interface (trivial), but the 
> underlying video streaming mechanism eludes me. Mythfrontend segfaults, 
> mythphone hangs or does not load properly, etc.
> Is this even possible without taking a chainsaw to mythphone? Would I 
> need to write some sort of SIP proxy to handle the various connections 
> and streams? Your comments and suggestions are very welcomed.

My recommendation would be to not reinvent this functionality.  If you'd like 
some advanced call features, then consider setting up your own Asterisk 
(http://www.asterisk.org/) server.  Then, configure mythphone to make calls 
through there.  Then, you can use the conferencing capabilities from that.  The 
conferencing application currently included in Asterisk by default (MeetMe) does 
not support video conferencing, but there is a 3rd party module (app_conference) 
that does.

Russell Bryant

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