[mythtv] MythCommFlag segfault when flagging completes

Ken Overly ken.overly at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 12:22:15 UTC 2007

>On Thursday 21 June 2007 21:28:59 Ken Overly wrote:
>> I haven't posted to the Dev or Users lists before so please forgive me if

>> this post doesn't provide all the needed information.  For the same
>> I also opted not to attempt to open a ticket, unless someone here
>> that I should.  I searched the mailing lists but didn't find any segfault

>> issues that haven't already been address

>This segfault comes up at least once a fortnight on the mailing lists and
>appeared in Trac more than once.
>It's a QT 3.3.8 bug and nothing to do with mythtv (except that mythtv uses
>Most distros have now patched their 3.3.8 packages, but a proper fix will
>released with 3.3.9. Alternatively you could downgrade to 3.3.7
>Stuart Morgan

Thanks for the explanation and link, and for being gentle on a repeat
problem. :)

I'm looking for a patch for QT 3.3.8 for Slack 11 but haven't found one yet.

Ken Overly
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