[mythtv] Bruce, a question for you about schedules

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Jun 22 04:07:17 UTC 2007

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Bruce, since you're pretty much the expert in this area, I thought you 
> might have a pointer.  I've been considering the idea of adding a simple 
> feature to Myth where, if you have an upcoming showing of a progam 
> recorded by a power search (such as I do for Premier episodes of shows), 
> that you could, when selecting the upcoming episode, be given another 
> option (along with don't/never record, edit options, override) that 
> would allow you to set up a separate title/program specific rule as if 
> the showing was not already being recorded.  As it stands now, I have to 
> wait or remember to look for the show after it premiers and is no longer 
> subject to the rule to be able to schedule another rule that overlaps.

Yes, I've very familiar with the issue and methodology. However,
I hadn't thought of what you suggest here. That is, add a button
on the override buttons page for "Create a new rule" or something
next to the "Add Override" button. May be just a matter of creating
a new ScheduledRecording object from the programinfo without loading
any existing SR object.

> What I'm looking for pointers on is what to query in the database or 
> what condition to key off to know when to present that button.  I only 
> want it to show on non-title/program specific rules such as power 
> searches and then let me present the standard dialog window for creating 
> a new title/program specific rule.  If you have some advice, I'd greatly 
> appreciate it.

I don't think you need to make that distinction. A WeekSlot rule
could be desirable over an existing Channel rule. For example,
I have a show on The Sundance Channel that is shown three or
four times per week but one showing at 2:30am is always 5 to 10min
late. What I'd do thusfar is to change the Channel rule to Single
for another showing, add a WeekSlot at 2:30 with 10min End Late
then change the Single back to Channel. It might be nice to click
a button and just add the overriding WeekSlot. [Rules of precedence
still apply. If I added a new All, it would still lose to the old
Channel rule.]

In your example, I agree that if you have a 'Premier episodes' rule
set to inactive, it would be great to click a "Create a new rule"
button on the "x"ed item and set a Channel or All rule for this
new series that you know your going to want to record. Good idea.

This should all be in programinfo.cpp . Find the buttons and
add a new one that will create a new "record" object from the
program info without loading any current "record" info for an
existing rule on this showing.

--  bjm

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