[mythtv] Commercial replacement instead of skipping

Hal Lightwood hal at lightwood.ca
Tue Feb 27 18:16:05 UTC 2007

I am new to MythTV and have a simple question.  Would it be possible to
create a plugin or modify the commercial skip code to allow for the content
to be replaced with my own video instead of just skipping?  Ideally this
should be done while watching Live TV, however I have gleened from some
other posts that the commercial skipping is processed after the recording is
finished.  Could it be done in real time?   The idea is that IF I have to
watch Live television I want to see my own vidoes while waiting for the show
to continue.  Ie, I watched the Oscar's live the other night and was
subjected to alot of commercials I couldn't skip.  it would have been great
if I got to watch my own stuff instead.

Are any developers interested in working on something like this? There may
be some financial incentive.
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