[mythtv] Two scheduler queries when "Expiring Program", and two "Finished recording" messages

Robert Tsai mythtv at tsaiberspace.net
Tue Feb 27 16:55:49 UTC 2007

In the backend log, I notice the following:

	- Each "Expiring Program" message causes the scheduler to run
	  twice, instead of once.

	- After a recording finishes, the scheduler query is issued
	  ("Scheduled Items" in DB backend log). This is not
	  surprising. What is surprising is that each "Finished
	  recording" message appears twice. Usually this is "Last
	  message repeated 1 times", but occasionally, something
	  sneaks in in between (such as when recording two things at
	  once), which causes two scheduler queries to run for the
	  same recording. I hazard a guess that the code generating
	  the "Finished recording" message is not intended to run

tv_rec.cpp seems to call FinishedRecording in many places, but that's
the extent to which I've "debugged" this problem.

Are these expected behaviors?

This might cause excess scheduler queries that are bothering some
people. That doesn't bother me (I only have like 10 OTA channels) as
much as the excess logging (in the DB and when grepping

If it matters, I have two HD-3000 cards, often recording shows at the
same time.


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