[mythtv] mythtv-vid branch needs testing

Doug Larrick doug at parkercat.org
Sat Aug 4 19:53:47 UTC 2007

First, a minor compilation issue:

defined in Debian's /usr/include/GL/glext.h version 7.0.1~rc2-1 (from
experimental archive)... see
for the likely reason.

Commenting this out (in openglcontext.cpp) allows build to complete, as
it's just used in outputting possible error status.

A few brief testing results...

1. My Intel-G965-video system (desktop/dev system) doesn't have recent
enough GLX to run OpenGL video out -- has 1.2, needs 1.3.  Too bad -- I
was hoping to test out OpenGL video rendering on this modern graphics
hardware w/ good open-source drivers.  OTOH from what I've read GLX 1.3
is slated for xorg 1.5 (~November 2007).  Normal Xv output is working
fine on this system (except for tearing at HD resolutions, but that's a
driver issue).  This somewhat beefy system (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz) lacks
the CPU horsepower to do kernel deint at 1080i resolution -- pegs one
core; mythfrontend must be killed.

2. My main Myth system (nVidia FX 5200) lacks the GPU horsepower to do
OpenGL output of even standard-def material with any deinterlacing
turned on -- though it's close.  Switching into Timestretch (to slow
things down) hard-hung the system requiring power cycle.  This may also
have been trying to fall back to kernel deint, though the hang killed my
database and I had to restore it, so I can't check.  I will test with an
nVidia 6200 card as well once it's not 90 degrees in Boston and I can
bear to do work on that system.


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