[mythtv] Using my main mythtv box for development

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Sun Apr 22 04:20:29 UTC 2007

Roo wrote:
> On 22/04/07, Matt Doran <matt.doran at papercut.biz> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I'm interested in submitting a patch or two to mythtv, and wanted to
>> develop the patches against trunk.  But I need to develop of my one and
>> only myth box, which is currently running 0.20-fixes.
>> Developing/testing patches would be much easier if I was running trunk
>> ... but I use this box daily for all my TV watching and recording needs,
>> and it needs to be reasonably stable.
> I have been using trunk from the very beginning, I was (and still) using
> Gentoo when I first setup my myth more than 2 years ago. During that 
> time I
> have kept reasonably up to date with trunk and I don't remember ever 
> having
> a problem that caused a recording to be missed.
> The devs of mythtv are users (as is the case with nearly all open source
> projects), they seem to be conservative (not in a negative way) when it
> comes to the scheduler code changes or other areas that may break core
> functionality. ie scheduled recording of programs. I have been quiet
> impressed.
> Occasionally I have the odd problem upgrading, it has usually been 
> because I
> am not a programmer and made the odd mistake or that there was a compile
> time problem. I usually worked through my own issues or just checked 
> out a
> previous version if I couldn't work out the problem and then tried the
> mailing list for help.
> If I am going to resync to trunk I just backup my mysql database, make a
> note of the current compiled svn versison (in case I need to backout the
> upgrade) and then svn update and compile.
> The above is nothing special, just thought I would offer what my 
> experience
> has been for the last few years, note that I am not a programmer. I 
> have a
> single combined FE/BE, soon I hope to setup a another FE and maybe 
> dedicated
> BE .
> IMHO the benefit of running trunk is that you can contribute to the
> direction of myth, you can provide feedback on new features as they are
> developed and help by testing. Mind you I haven't had any earth 
> shattering
> ideas to share yet, but I am still thinking ;)
Thanks guys.  Both very positive experiences ... I might go ahead make 
the leap! (after I've done some backing up  ;).

Up until now I've been using the ubuntu packages (but compiling them 
myself to keep it up to date).    I think I'll just uninstall these 
(leaving the DB and all recordings, etc in place), and then compile and 
install from trunk.    I assume this will just upgrade the DB 
automatically, etc.

Any gotchas you can see going through this process?


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