[mythtv] Fwd: Ubuntu Feisty - Weekly builds (and packaging) of trunk

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Fri Apr 13 02:07:06 UTC 2007

One interesting idea---which would unfortunately more than double the
disk space required & the time to build, but hopefully be trivial to
set up and take no more bandwidth and no additional human time---might
be to have alternate versions of all the builds with complete
debugging symbols.  This might make it easier to get usable backtraces
from people running distributions---the idea being that otherwise they
need to build from source, and that alone is likely to result in
building a different configuration which might not show the bug (or
might show it differently), and if they're running from a
distribution, they might not be able to easily build from source
(sure, it's just apt-get mythtv build-deps, but then there's the issue
of /usr vs /usr/local and we've seen a fair amount of mail from people
who gronk their environments by accidentally having packaged and
built-from-source versions around simultaneously, which just makes
getting that backtrace even more problematic).  If a debugging and a
non-debugging version of the build were made simultaneously from the
same setup, then that sort of thing might be minimized.

(This also assumes that it's possible to get a debugging build that
matches the non-debugging build one is running; if somebody downloads
a build, runs with it for a month, and then notices a bug, they might
have problems finding -that- build and may have to install a -current-
build with symbols---but at least that way they'll know immediately if
it was fixed, and if not, they can provide a useful bug report.)

Is this a reasonable idea?

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