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Subject: Ubuntu Feisty - Weekly builds (and packaging) of trunk
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( Sorry about the previous unfinished email, I somehow managed to send the
unfinished message from gmail with an "unknown" keyboard shortcut)

(This relates to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn - 7.04)

Hi All,

Following on from a discussion on mythtv-users (
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/262662 ) Mario has asked
if I can gauge the interest in a weekly build and packaging of svn trunk.

I believe Mario is one of the Ubuntu Mythtv Package maintainers, I quote
from a recent post on mythtv-users below:

If there is a significant interest in building trunk as well, it shouldn't
be too much trouble to do weekly svn builds as well, i'm just wary because
of this in case people decided to mix and match trunk and
release-0-20-fixes.  Could you determine interest and let me know?"

First Step:

I figured the first step is to seek approval from the active devs, so here
are some discussion points that come to mind immediately.

- Do you think a packaged weekly build would aid in testing of newly
committed code?
- Would making trunk more accessible to users that can't / won't compile
from source decrease the Signal To Noise (SNR) of the mailing lists?
- Is a weekly build and packaging of -fixes be sufficient?
- Installing from packages bypasses the configuring and building of the
source (obviously), is this desirable.

I had expressed an interest in a metapackage that would aid in the
installation of all dependencies to make it a bit easier to compile from
source. I am going to reinstall my current system (gentoo based) was not
aware of "apt-get build-deps" in Debian systems.

As I don't think packaging trunk should go ahead unless the devs agree (I'm
sure Mario would agree) could you please indicate if you think it should
happen. If yes, I guess we poll mythtv-users otherwise it will be -fixes

Kind regards,

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