[mythtv] Same old mind reading crud.

Martin Ebourne lists at ebourne.me.uk
Wed Apr 11 21:45:53 UTC 2007

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:40:41 +0100, Martin Long wrote:
> I see your point. It doesn't make a great deal of sense to tell the
> tuner to pad a particular recording, but allow it to remove it in order
> to resolve conflicts - either you want the padding because you expect
> the show to overrun, or you don't.

In a perfect world it certainly wouldn't, but in the real world you get...

>    1) _most_ programs in the UK seem to run to schedule - it's rare that
> the padding is needed.
>    2) Some times I have a LOT of programs scheduled, and I'd rather drop
> the padding (which I know I don't need 90% of the time) that have
> conflicts.

Exactly. It's very annoying to miss the end of a program because it is
running late, even if that is only 5% of recordings. It's similarly
annoying to get a scheduling conflict even if that is also only 5%
recordings. So in the real world if you pad the 95% of times you can
there will be no scheduling conflict and you'll miss the end of the show
only about 0.2% of the time, which is acceptable.

Unfortunately there is nothing perfect that can be done in this
situation, it has to be a best efforts thing. Also I appreciate that
tuner priorities and show priorities can cause unexpected or hard to
handle results, but most people in the UK (and NZ/OZ?) don't need tuner
priorities because all the tuners are the same and many people don't use
show priorities, so it seems a shame not to handle the common case.

> I can see that my reasoning is probably quite personal to me, and in
> fact your SchedOpenEnd commit actually does the trick for me anyway. So
> if I make any changes I'll just hang on to them in my local tree.

It clearly isn't personal to you otherwise this subject wouldn't surface
every two months. Fortunately this is the real advantage of free
software, there's nothing to stop anyone having their own changes. I've
been using the softpad branch/patch since April 2006 and it has worked
very well for me. I carry the patch in my tree and fix it on the
occasions it conflicts, takes about 5 minutes every couple of months.

I had also missed Bruce's commit so maybe I'll drop softpad in favour of
that but otherwise I'll keep it until the real time program start
control is working in the UK, then I just won't need it.



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