[mythtv] Same old mind reading crud.

Peter Schachte schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Apr 13 03:18:18 UTC 2007

Martin Ebourne wrote:

> Exactly. It's very annoying to miss the end of a program because it is
> running late, even if that is only 5% of recordings. It's similarly
> annoying to get a scheduling conflict even if that is also only 5%
> recordings. So in the real world if you pad the 95% of times you can
> there will be no scheduling conflict and you'll miss the end of the show
> only about 0.2% of the time, which is acceptable.

Here in Oz it's more like 50% or 75% of shows during prime time on the
commercial networks that run late.  They seem to battle for who can run later.
 The public stations pretty much run on time, and outside of prime time even
the commercial stations come pretty close.  I set 1 minute start early and 20
minutes end late for prime-time programs I care about on a commercial network.

> Unfortunately there is nothing perfect that can be done in this
> situation, it has to be a best efforts thing. Also I appreciate that
> tuner priorities and show priorities can cause unexpected or hard to
> handle results, but most people in the UK (and NZ/OZ?) don't need tuner
> priorities because all the tuners are the same and many people don't use
> show priorities, so it seems a shame not to handle the common case.

I don't use tuner priorities, but I do use show priorities.  I'd be pretty
annoyed if I missed the end of a program that's important to me so that myth
can record something I don't care much about.

I like the idea of optionally dropping padding to allow more programs to be
recorded, but I believe it should only drop the padding of the lower priority
program, and only if that's the only way it can be scheduled.

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