[mythtv] XvMC VLD Decoding stuttering problems on some videos

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Fri Sep 29 03:05:56 UTC 2006

On Thursday 28 September 2006 2:51 am, Terry Barnaby wrote:
> Ok, I think I have now fixed the problem. The interactive TV OSD was
> enabled even if "EnableMHEG" was not set to 1.
> I assume that the interactive TV OSD needs to be displayed all the time
> when "EnableMHEG" is set to 1 ?

It wasn't just the ITV OSD set that was always displayed on my machine - one 
of the other CC sets was always on as well.  I checked in some better 
detection code for that stuff -- could people test, please (without any 
additional patches)?


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