[mythtv] Wrong colors with i830(IEGD) intel driver

Aike Terjung Aike at terjung.net
Fri Sep 22 21:23:20 UTC 2006


i try to install an Mythtv Frontend in an T-Online Vision S100 box. (This is 
an fanless system with an Mobile celeron 733 and an intel i830 chipset. The 
TV-out is realised with in focus fs454 chip)
To get the TV-Out working i have to use the binary IEGD driver from intel. 
I use a debian Sarge with XFree86 4.3 to get the driver working.
The TV-Out looks good when X11 is started, i can play back videos with xine or 
mplayer without problems. But with mythfrontend, it seems as red and blue are 
It seems to me, that this problem starts with the 0.20 release, because i have 
a nother distribution (zenslack) with an mythtv svn build from sometimes 
between 0.19 and 0.20 which works on this system correct. (but with Xorg6.7)
But if i start my myth 0.20 build with zenslack i get the same messed up 
colors as with the XFree86 4.3, so i think this has to be an Mythtv issue.

I have read all the posts about blue skins with the tip to change the hue 
setting, but this dosen't help.

I have tryed at least the latest svn sources but this problem is still there. 
I hope someone could help me, because the S100 could be a very great frontend   
(esspecialy because T-Online gave it away for free to new T-Online Vision 
customers for some time).

many thanks


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