[mythtv] MythArchive testing report

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue May 30 22:26:48 UTC 2006

Robert S. Kerr wrote:
> I've been playing with MythArchive and have found that it works great... 
> almost. 
> I'm using SVN from about 15 May.  I'm not at home so I don't have the 
> exact version.
> There are three issues that I'm seeing.
> 1. Significant - The resulting DVD has av sync issues.  I know that 
> MythTvBurn was using ProjectX near the end to clean up incoming mpegs on 
> demux. 
>     - Are there any plans to bring ProjectX into MythArchive (at least 
> as an option anyway, I know that would introduce an undesireable java 
> dependency.)?
>     - Or any way to clean up my mpegs before using MythArchive so I 
> don't get the av sync issues I'm seeing?
I'm trying hard not to use ProjectX if I can help it. If I have to I 
will revert back to using it but in the mean time I'd rather try to get 
the existing tools to work together. The lossless transcoder in 
mythtranscode does a good job at frame accurate commercial cutting and 
also in tidying up the timecodes. You don't say what  type of card you 
are using  but the only time I have had sync problems is with a few 
DVB-t recordings which was easily fixed by first running the files 
through mythtranscode which is why the script now always runs mpeg2-ts 
files through mythtranscode if a re-encode isn't required. I you can try 
the latest version from svn and let me know if the sync problems are 
still there.

> 2. Minor - The resulting DVD menu is odd ... when selecting items in the 
> DVD menu.  For the GANT choice anyway, when I play the DVD, selecting 
> items isn't obvious.  It looks like there is a highlight, but it appears 
> to be getting covered up by the playing video in the menu.  From a 
> recent check-in, it appears that this might have been fixed, but I 
> haven't updated yet.
The highlight in the GANT theme is the title changing color to orange on 
the main menu and the time code changing to orange in the chapter menu. 
It worked fine for me last time I tried it. Are you using a software 
player on a PC or a standalone DVD player?

> 3. Minor - I haven't been able to consistently specify the order in 
> which the items appear in the DVD menu.  For example, if I archive to 
> episodes of a show, they seem like they always appear in reverse order 
> in the list (i.e. Choice 2 is the show that aired earlier, and Choice 1 
> is the show that aired later).  For a disk that contains two episodes of 
> the same show, you end up watching Choice 2, then Choice 1.
The order in which you select items in the 'Select archive items' 
screen, which is also reflected in the order of the items on the final 
'Items Selected for Archive' screen, is the order in which the items 
will appear on the final DVD. Is that not what you are seeing?

> Riskpeep
Paul H.

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