[mythtv] MythArchive testing report

Robert S. Kerr rskerr at dsbox.com
Wed May 31 13:06:11 UTC 2006

Paul H wrote:
 > I'm trying hard not to use ProjectX if I can help it. If I have to I
 > will revert back to using it but in the mean time I'd rather try to get
 > the existing tools to work together. The lossless transcoder in
 > mythtranscode does a good job at frame accurate commercial cutting and
 > also in tidying up the timecodes. You don't say what type of card you
 > are using but the only time I have had sync problems is with a few
 > DVB-t recordings which was easily fixed by first running the files
 > through mythtranscode which is why the script now always runs mpeg2-ts
 > files through mythtranscode if a re-encode isn't required. I you can try
 > the latest version from svn and let me know if the sync problems are
 > still there.

 > The highlight in the GANT theme is the title changing color to orange on
 > the main menu and the time code changing to orange in the chapter menu.
 > It worked fine for me last time I tried it. Are you using a software
 > player on a PC or a standalone DVD player?

 > The order in which you select items in the 'Select archive items'
 > screen, which is also reflected in the order of the items on the final
 > ' Items Selected for Archive' screen, is the order in which the items
 > will appear on the final DVD. Is that not what you are seeing?


I'll do an update to the latest SVN to see if the sync issues are still 
there.  Late yesterday, I saw a post on the users list that mentioned 
something about transcode as well, so I'm hoping that fixes the problem 
for me.

I'm using a PVR-150MCE on FC5.  When I did the original archives, I did 
notice some complaints about the PTS tags, but wasn't sure what I could 
do about it.  Hopefully, transcode can clean them up the same way 
ProjectX does.

As far as the selection issues go, I was using a stand-alone DVD player 
since that seems to be the easiest way to rule out software player 
issues and confirm that the disk I have would work if I took it to a 
friend's house.  It might be that I'm mentioning the wrong theme.  The 
theme I'm mentioning has a preview video on the left and the title text 
to the right.  Since I had two shows on the DVD, I was seeing two lines 
of preview and title, which is what I would have expected.  But, the 
title wasn't highlighting.  What looked like was happening was that 
there was supposed to be a highlight around the video(?).  Selection 
appeared to be working, it just wasn't highlighting right.  Right at the 
very end of teh preview video cycle, I would see a selection box around 
the preview video for just a second or two, and then it would go away again.

The ordering issue makes sense.  I was trying to use the order I 
selected them when adding them to the DVD under the extract files 
section.  (Although there was some strangeness there too, it seems that 
once I put a show in that list it never goes away, even if I de-select 
it over on the select files side).  I'll try again with the current SVN 
and see what I get there.


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