[mythtv] MythArchive testing report

Robert S. Kerr rskerr at dsbox.com
Tue May 30 20:32:01 UTC 2006

I've been playing with MythArchive and have found that it works great... 

I'm using SVN from about 15 May.  I'm not at home so I don't have the 
exact version.

There are three issues that I'm seeing.

1. Significant - The resulting DVD has av sync issues.  I know that 
MythTvBurn was using ProjectX near the end to clean up incoming mpegs on 
    - Are there any plans to bring ProjectX into MythArchive (at least 
as an option anyway, I know that would introduce an undesireable java 
    - Or any way to clean up my mpegs before using MythArchive so I 
don't get the av sync issues I'm seeing?

2. Minor - The resulting DVD menu is odd ... when selecting items in the 
DVD menu.  For the GANT choice anyway, when I play the DVD, selecting 
items isn't obvious.  It looks like there is a highlight, but it appears 
to be getting covered up by the playing video in the menu.  From a 
recent check-in, it appears that this might have been fixed, but I 
haven't updated yet.

3. Minor - I haven't been able to consistently specify the order in 
which the items appear in the DVD menu.  For example, if I archive to 
episodes of a show, they seem like they always appear in reverse order 
in the list (i.e. Choice 2 is the show that aired earlier, and Choice 1 
is the show that aired later).  For a disk that contains two episodes of 
the same show, you end up watching Choice 2, then Choice 1.


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