[mythtv] Transcode first/last frame problem [patch to v0.19]

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue May 16 04:52:45 UTC 2006

>>         In the UI, it says "Delete before this frame",
>> which to my way of thinking _includes_ the current frame.
> in my thinking "Delete before this frame" does *not*  include the
> current frame...

	Hmmm. OK, includes was a bad word. Change to:
"my thinking ... keeps the current frame"

> I don't care how it is, as long as whether the current frame is
> included or not is clear to the user.

	Agreed. We could add "(keeps this frame)" or
"(deletes this frame) in the editing popup messages,
but that would look rather ugly.

	There are also other, small, issues.

1) The editor lets you delete before the first frame,
    and after the last frame. Which seems to indicate
    the generated cutlist _does_ remove the current frame?

2) In the editor, the first frame is 0:00:00.1
    and this sequence (in PAL land) goes up 0.24
    before incrementing the seconds.
    So the first second has 24 frames, not 25?
    Assume NTSC recordings go up to 0.29?

	This may all be related to the cutlist format change
(from test field in recorded, to records in recordedmarkup)
or it may have always been vaguely defined.

	Not quite sure where to go from here.

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