[mythtv] If you don't match on PMT....Re-Tune - Possible? -> Better Idea

Matthew Drobnak mdrobnak at optonline.net
Sun Jan 22 05:14:39 UTC 2006

If that's all you need, I have a patch that seems to be working.
I didn't write it. I modified it to work with my multi-retune code.

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 23:11:36 -0500, Endaf Jones <jonese at zener.com> wrote:

>> > > If you check the NIT, There's the network id (already have a patch  
>> for
>> > > this from someone else), but also inside of the NIT is the orbital
>> > > location
>> > > of the satellite.  Therefore, if one names their video source (or  
>> uses the
>> > > location directive - how would I enable that for a non-rotor app?)
>> > > as the same as the location...we could match on that to ensure it's  
>> tuned
>> > > correctly.
>> > That's fine to LNB's that are in-line with the motor, but some/alot of
>> > us have more than one LNB and they could be 4.5 degres offset to the
>> > left or right of the motor position.
>> I don't see how it would be a factor. If you're looking at the correct
>> switch port and you get signal and a correct NIT you should have a  
>> lock. The
>> key here is the switch.
> I think you mis-read what was said.  The comment was about obtaining
> the "orbital location" data from the datastream and comparing it with
> the motor position value that we intended to send the motor to.  The
> two values will never match when you use an offset LNB setup.  The
> other problem is that I may have to nudge my motor position a fraction
> of a degree to compensate for a possible non-plumb dish-setup (like
> 87.1 instead of 87.0).
> I think we should stick with the "satellite_NIT == requested_NIT" method.
> It might also be a good idea to put in a bypass for the possibility of
> a poorly configured uplink provider not putting in correct or
> inconsistent NIT.
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