[mythtv] If you don't match on PMT....Re-Tune - Possible? -> Better Idea

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Sun Jan 22 04:11:36 UTC 2006

> > > If you check the NIT, There's the network id (already have a patch for
> > > this from someone else), but also inside of the NIT is the orbital
> > > location
> > > of the satellite.  Therefore, if one names their video source (or uses the
> > > location directive - how would I enable that for a non-rotor app?)
> > > as the same as the location...we could match on that to ensure it's tuned
> > > correctly.

> > That's fine to LNB's that are in-line with the motor, but some/alot of
> > us have more than one LNB and they could be 4.5 degres offset to the
> > left or right of the motor position.

> I don't see how it would be a factor. If you're looking at the correct
> switch port and you get signal and a correct NIT you should have a lock. The
> key here is the switch.

I think you mis-read what was said.  The comment was about obtaining
the "orbital location" data from the datastream and comparing it with
the motor position value that we intended to send the motor to.  The
two values will never match when you use an offset LNB setup.  The
other problem is that I may have to nudge my motor position a fraction
of a degree to compensate for a possible non-plumb dish-setup (like
87.1 instead of 87.0).

I think we should stick with the "satellite_NIT == requested_NIT" method.

It might also be a good idea to put in a bypass for the possibility of
a poorly configured uplink provider not putting in correct or
inconsistent NIT.

# Endaf

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