[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jan 9 03:30:15 UTC 2006

Myles Eftos wrote:

>>G3 - That's the nature of PVRs.  try using the EPG or browse mode.
>>G5 - Because it's also known as the conflict resolution screen
>>G6 - RTFM?
>>G7 - Go to the upcoming recording screen, the watch recordings screen or
>>hell any screen involving recordings.
>>EPG1 - Hit the "show guide" button
>I think the point that Jono is making is that for interface issues
>like this you shouldn't have to RTFM. My girlfriend isn't going to
>jump on Google and try to find the legend for key bindings. He makes
>some valid points here and isn't looking for the solution himself - he
>is looking for the solution for ALL users.
>You can, to a degree get away with web-only documentation for software
>packages that are going to be used exclusively by computer people
>(i.e. someone with the knowledge to install the package in the first
>place), but MythTV is now getting to the point where many non-computer
>users are using it. Usability and/or thorough online help is extremely
>important in this instance.
Or more to the point, the installer of the system should make sure the 
keybindings are intuitive for *their* users and configure them 
appropriately.  There is a big difference between usability complaints 
and not understanding the flexibilty the system provides and taking 
advantage of it to suit your needs by reading the documentation and 
understanding the features.


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