[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 21:13:25 UTC 2006

On 1/8/06, Myles Eftos <madpilot at gmail.com> wrote:
> > G3 - That's the nature of PVRs.  try using the EPG or browse mode.
> > G5 - Because it's also known as the conflict resolution screen
> > G6 - RTFM?
> > G7 - Go to the upcoming recording screen, the watch recordings screen or
> > hell any screen involving recordings.
> >
> > EPG1 - Hit the "show guide" button
> I think the point that Jono is making is that for interface issues
> like this you shouldn't have to RTFM. My girlfriend isn't going to
> jump on Google and try to find the legend for key bindings. He makes
> some valid points here and isn't looking for the solution himself - he
> is looking for the solution for ALL users.

I'm joing this conversation pretty late, but "preach it brother"!  I
realize that linux, and software such as myth (and it's dependencies)
are things that the average person can't understand... however, that's
not to say that USING a fully configured mythbox should be too hard
for a wife, girlfriend, or child to use.

I'm a power user... I like tinkering with options and knowing what
code is going into Myth, but when I sometimes start talking about that
stuff to my fiance she just replys "this isn't going to break the TV
again is it?"  To her... it doesn't matter if the ringbuffer is new
and improved, what matters to her is that I can say "hey, you can now
record an entire show from when you started watching it."  She'll
never read a wiki, TFM, listserves, or how-to's... she needs to figure
it out by her intuitiveness.

I don't have any major issues with the usability with myth (I'm a
power user), but I do see some gaps from time to time.  I guess the
stereotype that the guys who program linux are geeks without women,
but I know that's not really the case.  However, I do believe that
they often times make software in that line of thinking.  After all,
it's been said many times that "mythtv is software by developers, for
developers".  Unfortunately, I don't think that's the proper line of
thinking... but it is _there_ project to do as they please.  If you
don't like it, you can fork your own branch of mythtv and build it the
way you want.

Either way, I think it'll only get better.  So many bug fixes and new
features are going into myth, that I think eventually the devs will
have time to go back and look at usability issues with more scrutiny


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