[mythtv] 'record weekly' bug?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Jan 8 03:20:54 UTC 2006

> Maybe the find weekly is acting as it is coded, but there's sure a bug.
> Had a program coming once a week, and it wasn't recorded couse "it was
> already recorded this week" which it wasn't.

I think you're missing the fact that Bruce is saying that the week
starts at the time and day-of-the-week that the original program you
specified to record started at.

So, if your original program started on Friday at 8:00PM, then the
week starts at that day and time, if the original program started on
Friday at 6:00PM, then the week starts at that time.

I can see your reasoning behind wanting to have the week start on a
day boundary, but consider this scenario.  You want to record the
A-Team at 8:00PM on Friday nights.  You create one of these weekly
recording rules and the virtual week starts on Friday at midnight.
Everything goes fine until one day the station decides to show an
episode on Friday at 1:00AM.  Myth sees that the 'week' has just started
and it isn't busy doing anything else so it records this 1:00AM repeat
episode.  Then, when 8:00PM rolls around and the new episode comes on,
Myth says "hey, I already recorded an episode this week, I'm gonna
skip this one," and you miss the new episode that you've been waiting
all week to see because it was the second half of the one where Mr. T
gets a blood transfusion from Murdoch.

If you want your week to start at midnight, then you need to hand-edit
the starttime in the record table, otherwise you can do what Bruce
described about marking that earlier episode for recording which will
make your week start at 6:00PM instead of 8:00PM.


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