[mythtv] 'record weekly' bug?

Teemu Sillanpää teemu.sillanpaa at lut.fi
Sat Jan 7 23:46:55 UTC 2006

Ok, the topic is inexact - i meant "find a record per week" scheduling.

Bruce Markey wrote:
>Not a bug, it works perfectly. Has for about a year.

Maybe the find weekly is acting as it is coded, but there's sure a bug.
Had a program coming once a week, and it wasn't recorded couse "it was
already recorded this week" which it wasn't.

Is "record once per day" acting the same - day is changing middle of
day, for example if you choose to record "news" at monday 18.00, and the
news comes tuesday at 16.00 it won't be recorded couse it's recorded
already today?


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